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Alumina is a pioneering entity, deeply entrenched in the dynamic realm of aluminum extrusion. With a fervent commitment to excellence, we collectively craft a narrative of innovation and precision in our products and services. Our journey is defined by a relentless pursuit of mastery in the art of transforming aluminum into bespoke extrusions that seamlessly integrate form and function.

In the vast tapestry of our offerings, we weave intricate designs and structural solutions, catering to diverse industries and bespoke project requirements. Our collective expertise resonates in the creation of aluminum extrusions that not only meet but exceed the expectations of our discerning clientele. The alloy of creativity and engineering proficiency defines our output, ensuring that each extrusion stands as a testament to our unwavering dedication to quality.

Our collaborative ethos extends beyond the tangible, as we actively engage with clients to comprehend their unique visions and challenges. Through this shared dialogue, we forge partnerships that transcend the conventional supplier-client relationship, evolving into a synergistic alliance. This collaboration is the crucible where ideas are melded, and concepts are transformed into tangible aluminum extrusion realities.

In the expansive landscape of services, Alumina stands as a trusted advisor, navigating the intricacies of project specifications, material selection, and design intricacies. Our collective knowledge serves as a guiding light, illuminating the path towards optimal solutions that marry aesthetics with functionality. As craftsmen of the extrusion process, we shape raw aluminum into intricate profiles that resonate with durability, versatility, and a timeless aesthetic.

In every extrusion that bears the Alumina insignia, there is a fusion of passion, expertise, and commitment. Together, as architects of aluminum excellence, we stand poised to carve new dimensions in the realm of extrusion, shaping a future where form meets function in perfect harmony.

Aluminum Extrusions Power Pages

Aluminum Channels

Aluminum Channels

An aluminum channel is a structurally sound metal component that is made by the extrusion process to produce shapes, forms, and designs for a wide variety of applications. The major benefit of aluminum channels is their weight, which is...

Aluminum Trim

Aluminum Trim

Aluminum trim is an aluminum product that is produced by extrusion to create long, narrow, pliable, and adaptive pieces of aluminum that can be used for architectural decorative applications and accents, indoor and outdoor lighting, and engineering design...

Extruded Aluminium

Aluminum Extrusions

Extruded aluminum is a continuous piece of aluminum that usually has a constant profile or cross-section throughout its length. It is made by forcing a block of aluminum, called a billet, through a die opening which is smaller than the original cross-sectional area of the billet...

Types of Aluminum Extrusions

Extruded Aluminum

Aluminum extrusion, or the extrusion process, owes its beginnings to three men – Joseph Bramah, Thomas Burr, and Alexander Dick. Each of them advanced and perfected the process so that inventors from the industrial revolution...

Types of Aluminum

Aluminum and its Applications

Aluminum is the most abundant metal in Earth’s crust but rarely exists in elemental form. The various forms of aluminum and its alloys are valued for their low density and high strength-to-weight ratio, durability, and corrosion...

Aluminum Tubing & Piping

Extruded Aluminum Tubing & Piping

Aluminum piping and tubing is silvery-white, soft, and ductile. The metal belongs to the boron group. Aluminum is the third most abundant element present on earth. Aluminum has low density When exposed to corroding environments...

Anodized Aluminum

Anodized Aluminum Animation

Anodized aluminum is aluminum that has undergone an anodizing process to create an exceptionally durable, corrosion-resistant, and aesthetically appealing surface. An electrochemical process involving a series of tanks is used to grow...

Metal Channel

Metal Channel

A wire brush is an abrasive tool that has stiff bristles made from a variety of rigid materials designed to clean and prepare metal surfaces. The filaments of wire brushes are small diameter pieces of inflexible material that...

Roll Forming

Roll Forming

Roll forming is a process that uses a set of precisely placed rollers to perform incremental bending to a continuously fed strip of metal. The rollers are mounted in sets on a consecutive stand with each roller...

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