T-slot Aluminum Extrusion

T-slot aluminum extrusion

T-slot aluminum extrusion is a fabrication that uses a t-shaped die. The unique t-shape allows for versatility of the material while maintaining the strength of aluminum. T-slots are also extremely modular. Making them easy to customize and build with. Because they are a standard shape, production costs are low. Making T-slots the go to for many projects.


T-slot extrusions can also be used for a wide variety of applications. Such a workstations, especially those designed for assembly, packaging, cleaning, and inspecting. Additionally, the versatility of T-slot extrusion allows them to be used in the construction of building carts, dollies, racks and conveyors. T-slot extrusions are strong and lightweight, making them ideal for pick-and-place, robotic arms and lift assist applications. T-slot extrusions are also used throughout enclosure building because they are functional and attractive. As a result, they are often found in product displays. The flexibility of T-slots extrusions make it the perfect solution machine guarding. Door handles, safety interlocks, light curtains and indicator lights can be easily mounted anywhere along the slot. T-Slots are also used in machine framing because the strength of welded steel is often not needed.