Aluminum Extrusion Manufacturers

Aluminum extrusions are linear aluminum products highly valued in a wide spectrum of structural applications due to aluminum’s high strength-to-weight ratio and the cost effectiveness of the metal extrusion process. Like other types of metal extrusions, extruded aluminum is either hot extruded or cold extruded through a die, shaping aluminum stock into various types of extruded aluminum shapes, such as angles and beams, aluminum channels, aluminum profiles or aluminum extruded tubing.

Extruded aluminum products like aluminum channels, shapes and profiles are both strong and lightweight, making them perfect for structural applications such as light poles, building and window frames, lighting fixtures, car bumpers, hardware joints, trim, and many other uses in construction, industrial and automotive industries. Shapes and channels can be extruded into complex, precision tolerance shapes to interlock with other aluminum channels or structures, or they may be extruded into heat sinks for cooling electronics, refrigerators and heat engines. Because aluminum is strong, rust and temperature resistant, easily fabricated and 100% recyclable, aluminum and aluminum alloy extrusions are often the first choice in building or structural materials.

The number of industries which use aluminum extrusions is both extensive and diverse since a wide number of shapes are achievable through the extrusion process. For example, extruded aluminum channels make great components for automotive and transportation construction, as it is light and corrosion resistant; aluminum channels and profiles are used in vehicles such as trains, SUVs, semi trucks and cars for parts and components including panels, window panes, runners and bumpers. In addition, machinery and industrial equipment such as scaffolding, process and mining equipment use extruded aluminum tubing, shapes and profiles as lightweight, durable equipment components, while many types of office and hospital furniture use aluminum tubing and channels in their construction. The building, architectural and construction industries use aluminum profiles extensively, whether it be practical application such as for structural and ceiling beams or for aesthetic applications such as decorative trim and window paneling. Capable of being extruded through complex dies into close-tolerance shapes, small extruded aluminum shapes are frequently fabricated into medical and electronics components such as heat-absorbing and dissipating heat sinks.

Some Leading Manufacturers


Toronto, ON | 1-888-741-6159

With one of the largest inventories of extruded aluminum products, Extrude-A-Trim can quickly meet almost any aluminum extrusion order. We carry millions of feet of stock extrusions, and our engineering and customer service teams can work with you to provide custom aluminum extrusions to your specifications. We will supply you with the right extruded aluminum solution on-time and on your budget! Visit our website to see our complete offering of aluminum angles, channels, bars, and other shapes!

Johnson Bros. Metal Forming Co.

Berkeley, IL | 708-449-7050

Johnson Brothers is your source for high quality aluminum angles, channels, trim, and any other aluminum shapes. With a diverse range of manufacturing capabilities, we can provide you with all kinds of stock and custom aluminum products. We employ talented and experienced design and engineering personnel who can help you design a cost-effective, reliable aluminum product. Give us a call to discuss your applications and see how we can serve you!

GSH Industries, Inc.

Cleveland, OH | 440-238-3009

Over the last 29 years, GSH Industries has earned a reputation for their dedication to manufacturing excellence and high quality extruded aluminum products. We work with our customers to ensure that each and every requirement is met with a reliable and quality aluminum solution. We offer extruded aluminum channels and profiles as well as structural aluminum. We are ready to take on your most challenging applications, so contact us today to discuss your aluminum requirements!

American Douglas Metals, Inc.

Orlando, FL | 800-432-3423

At American Douglas Metals, we specialize in the production and supply of high quality aluminum and steel products. For more than 40 years, we have manufactured and engineered reliable aluminum extrusions, providing quality extrusion services along with many additional machining and fabrication services to fit your specific requirements. For a complete view of our extrusion capabilities check out our website or connect with us today!

Dajcor Aluminum Ltd.

Chatham, ON | 877-556-9191

As the leading Canadian supplier of extruded aluminum parts and components, Dajcor Aluminum has the perfect solution for your applications. Our aluminum extrusions are utilized in the automotive, medical, energy, and military industries. We guarantee that we can find a solution for you as well! We can design, engineer, and manufacture custom aluminum profiles, channels, trim, and angles to your exact specifications. Call us today to start designing your outstanding aluminum solution!

Central Aluminum Company

Columbus, OH | 800-542-2105

As a reliable custom aluminum extrusion manufacturer, Central Aluminum Company has the aluminum product solutions you need! We provide a huge range of manufacturing and design services, including extrusion, powder coating, and metal fabrication services. With our experience and expertise, you can count on us for quality! For cost-effective custom aluminum shapes, profiles, and components, give us a call!

The process of extruding aluminum may use “hot extrusion”, “warm extrusion” or “cold extrusion”, each of which have their own benefits and drawbacks. In order for stock aluminum to be formed into tubing, channels, shapes or profiles, round aluminum stock called “billet”, or “logs” are pressed by a ram through a die, which is a hollow profile that shapes the aluminum into a specific extruded shape as the billet is squeezed through. Direct extrusion holds the die stationary while the ram forces the aluminum alloy through the die opening, while indirect extrusion holds the die stationary as the hollow ram moves into the stationary billet from one end, forcing the metal to flow through the die. The temperature of both the billet and the die are crucial for uniform extrusions. In cold extruding, aluminum billet is pressed through the die at room temperature or near room temperature, yielding close-tolerance components with high strength and a good surface with minimal finishing required. Warm extruding, or forging, is done on billets brought to temperature ranges between 800 and 1800 degrees F, with ideal ranges being between 1,000 and 1,330 degrees; these temperatures remain below material recrystallization temperatures, enhancing billets’ ductility while keeping the material solid. Warm extruded aluminum requires less ram force (and energy) and often requires no secondary heat treatment. Hot extrusions are performed on aluminum which has been fully plasticized by heat and is often performed in a vacuum to avoid oxidation. After a shape or channel has been extruded, it is straightened by a stretcher.

Although the process of extracting aluminum ore from the Earth’s surface is relatively costly, aluminum has a far longer service life than most metals and may be fully recycled while retaining 100% of the material’s original properties. In addition to the ability to be fully recycled, other green uses of aluminum extrusions include using aluminum extrusions in transportation often saves on carbon emissions, as aluminum is a far lighter metal than its alternatives, such as steel; aluminum combines stainless steel’s beneficial properties of corrosion resistance and strength with 1/3 the weight. Aluminum is easily formed and machined and is an excellent conductor and reflector of heat, making it an ideal material for heat shielding applications such as heat sinks. As the recycling industry expands its capabilities to recycling a broader range of aluminum parts, large aluminum extruding and manufacturing companies are also beginning to invest in aluminum recycling. Recycling aluminum requires only 20% the amount of energy used by acquiring virgin materials; this energy savings is converted into a significant cost savings by aluminum extruders who use recycled aluminum materials.

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